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University Policy Editorial Style

The university follows BYU’s editorial style and the Chicago Manual of Style. To ensure consistency in university policies and procedures, the Integrity and Compliance Office (ICO) also publishes this policy style guide. Official BYU policies and procedures should follow these editorial styles, and any differences in style guides should be resolved by prioritizing the guides in this order of importance:

  • This university policy style guide
  • BYU’s editorial style
  • Chicago Manual of Style

Campus Unit Names

Refer to campus units by the name that appears on the campus unit’s website.

Definitions Section

If a Definitions section is used in a policy,


Avoid using footnotes. It is appropriate to use a footnote to cite a source.

Legal Citations

Avoid using legal citations.


Vertical lists should be

  • bulleted rather than numbered, unless emphasis is needed on the order of the items in the list.
  • punctuated consistently throughout a policy.
  • formatted consistently throughout a policy as follows:
    • with .25 indent to bullet, .25 from the bullets to the words.
    • as directed by Chicago 6.130.

Numbered Sections

Avoid using numbered sections. If necessary, follow Chicago 1.57 (e.g., 1, 1.1, 1.2, . . . , 1.10; 2, 2.1, 2.2, etc.).


Spell out numbers one through nine; use numerals for 10 and above.

Parenthetical Plural

Avoid the use of the parenthetical plural (e.g., classroom(s)).

References to Brigham Young University

On the first reference to the university, use its full name (“Brigham Young University”). Subsequent references should use “BYU” or “university,” unless emphasis is needed through use of the university’s full name.

References to Sections Within a Policy or Other Policies

  • To reference a section within the same policy, use the following format: (See Procedures section)
  • To reference another policy, use the following format: (See Academic Freedom Policy)
  • To reference another policy and a section within that policy, use the following format: (See Academic Freedom Policy, Benefits of Institutional Freedom)
  • When referencing other policies, provide links each time the policy is referenced (not just for the first reference or the blue box reference).

References to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

On the first reference to the Church, use its full name (“The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”). Subsequent references should use “the Church of Jesus Christ.” “The Church” may be used sparingly if the full name or “the Church of Jesus Christ” has been used repeatedly.


Use the ICO Policy Template for university policies. Apply template style to headings, etc.

Time Periods

For time periods shorter than 30 days, generally designate the time period in “business days.” For time periods of 30 days or longer, generally designate the time period in “calendar days."


Use a lowercase title unless it precedes an individual’s name.

  • Example: university president
  • Example: President Reese
  • In titles that need them, use en dashes and spaces rather than hyphens or em dashes.
    • associate academic vice president – Faculty Development