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What We Do

"We believe in . . . obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."
Article of Faith 12

Universities must follow a host of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. The purpose of BYU’s Integrity and Compliance Office (ICO) is to help the campus community follow statutory obligations, regulatory requirements, and university policies. This protects the university from financial, reputational, and other types of damage.

Members of the compliance team work closely with campus leaders and community members to

  • identify statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • administer the compliance hotline;
  • oversee the policymaking process;
  • assess and monitor compliance with applicable laws;
  • communicate compliance information; and
  • conduct trainings.

Compliance is more than getting people to follow rules. It’s about creating a culture of ethical conduct. We want to inspire the campus community to uphold and advance the core values behind laws and policies.

Although the ICO coordinates BYU’s compliance program, responsibility to follow laws, regulations, and policies is shared across campus. For this reason, the ICO works with unit experts, compliance coordinators, and compliance committees to address and manage compliance issues.

To learn more about the ICO's role at BYU, please see our charter.