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Student Policies

BYU policies tell university community members how to do what they want to do and—when necessary—what they aren’t authorized to do.

While BYU students commit to adhering to all applicable university policies (see the Church Educational System Honor Code), here are the Integrity and Compliance Office’s picks for the ten policies that most commonly apply to students, in alphabetical order:

Top Ten Policies for Students

  1. Academic Honesty Policy
  2. Animals on Campus Policy
  3. Church Educational System Dress and Grooming Principles and Expectations
  4. Church Educational System Honor Code
  5. Final Examination Policy
  6. Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Policy
  7. Sexual Harassment Policy
  8. Student Academic Grievance Policy
  9. Student Employment Policy
  10. Traffic, Parking, and Rideables Policy

Being familiar with these policies will help students thoughtfully and successfully participate in the BYU community.

The following policies are also frequently referred to by students:

Other Top Policies For Students

For a complete list of BYU policies, visit

Have a question about a policy? Contact the policy’s responsible office (identified on the left side of each policy’s individual webpage).

Want to suggest a policy addition? What if you think another existing BYU policy needs to be added to one of these lists? Maybe you think BYU needs an additional policy or a new or revised provision to one of BYU’s existing policies? Contact the Integrity and Compliance Office (ICO) at We’d love to hear from you!